Plimsoll Mark - An Independent Agency Representing Manufacturers
Buzz Baylis established a wholesale lock distributor named Baylis Corporation in 1974 calling primarily on the locksmith trade.
The economic disaster of 1980-1981 found the firm shifting its distribution focus to the automotive locksmith. That process included expanding the use of monthly mailers to a national audience and adding toll-free phone numbers. 
In the coming years Baylis Corp., became one of the largest distributors of automotive vendors of Briggs & Stratton and Auto Security Products. Buzz traveled the country as part of the
Frank & Bill Show in the late 80s. 
The next national economic downturn of 1991 saw Buzz sell his firm to Wilco Supply.  He worked at the large Oakland, California based firm; however, after twenty-five years in the lock distribution world he explored challenges outside the industry.
In 2003 he joined long time hardware guru John Bush’s factory representation firm.  After John lost his battle with cancer that summer, Buzz was contacted by a factory regional sales manager who had called on a very young Baylis Corporation in the mid ’70s.  Allan Oblath was with MarksUSA and was looking for a representative in Northern California.  Thus was born Buzz Baylis’ Plimsoll Mark agency.
Over the  years the agency was able to add a number of iconic manufacturers to its line card.
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